Are you a food waste start-up looking for a platform to launch your business? Then we should get together and talk.

Enter by 31 January 2020

Pitch coaching for the top six ideas

Meet and greet with Hello Fresh for the top six ideas

Wild Card for FoodBytes! 2020 for the winner chosen by the judges

We proudly present the start-up pitch finalists. Our jury selected the top 6 from more than 30 applications. These teams will present their innovative ideas against leftovers and for appreciating food on March 26th in Berlin. The six presenting companies each take a unique approach to addressing the challenge.

offers real-time traceability and monitoring of food in storage, transport and retail. With pro-active alerts that allow its users to act before it is too late, the company aims to prevent food spoilage in the supply chain, where 30% of wastage is estimated to occur.
turns dairy waste into sustainable fibres usable in apparel, bed linen, and packaging. Thanks to a new material technology, the company offers a sustainable solution to the million tons of milk thrown away every year globally.
converts surplus produce into whole food plant powders with a broad range of applications such as supplements, sports drinks, and snacks. The company upcycles excess fruit and vegetables procured from farms, food processors, manufacturers and central distribution centers.
(South Korea)
extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables by decomposing ethylene and airborne mold much faster, thus leading to longer shelf-life compared to previous technologies. This technology purifies the air where food is stored, allowing to extend the shelf-life safely and effectively without any chemical treatment on food.
helps large food distributors to better manage their soon to be wasted products. Through a mobile app users can locate discounted products and purchase them directly at the supermarket site, increasing store traffic and preventing food waste.
(The Netherlands)
creates breakfast products made from waste streams, like brewers’ grain, oat bran, ‘wonky’ fruits & vegetables, like popped quinoa, seeds that are ‘too small’ and nuts that are broken, but still perfect for a nutritious breakfast.

The causes of food waste are many and varied. We want to hear your suggestions for how we can tackle the root causes of this problem. Food Furore is the proud partner of the innovative FoodBytes! by Rabobank network platform. Worldwide, we have recruited more than 265 food and agri-business start-ups since 2015, creating lasting and mutually beneficial connections between start-ups, established companies and investors. Why not join us?

  • Have you developed a form of packaging that keeps food fresh longer, but is also sustainable?
  • Have you invented a technology that enables consumers to immediately see how fresh the food is, and means they no longer have to rely entirely on the best-before date?
  • Is your vision a reliable supply chain for surplus food that links up retailers and restaurant operators with food-rescue organisations?
  • Do you have a proposal for a solution that would enable consumers to track how much food they are wasting?

These four examples alone demonstrate just how diverse the potential solutions can be. Surprise and excite us with your ideas for highlighting the value of food and reducing waste.

The panel of judges looks forward to your proposals!

Christoph Fandrich
(Managing Director Rabobank)

Maarten Ooms
(FoodBytes! by Rabobank)
Katharina Buttenberg
(Hello Fresh)

Tanja Dräger de Teran
(WWF Deutschland)

Lukas Neuß
(Co-Founder Kitchentown)

Your proposals will be primarily judged on the basis of these six criteria:

Your expertise and entrepreneurial spirit

Your start-up’s business model

Your positioning and chances of market success

The innovative potential of your business

How advanced your start-up is in terms of development

The sustainability and impact of your proposal on society

What Food Furore start-up pitch participants can expect:

Alle Bewerber​

  • Access to the international FoodBytes! community with up-to-date information on the latest trends and market opportunities for food and agri-business start-ups

Die Top 6

  • Meet and greet with Hello Fresh
  • Pitch coaching
  • Participation in pitch

Die Pitch-Gewinner (Jury- und Publikumspreis)

  • Food Furore 2020 Award (chosen by judges and attendees)
  • Wild Card for FoodBytes! London 2020 (winner chosen by judges)
  • Consulting on demand (10 hours) (chosen by attendees)
  • Hot Desk-Membership for two months at kitchentown in Berlin, including access to the start-up community (chosen by judges and attendees)

Present your pioneering proposals on the respectful consumption and management of food – and let us join forces to cause a furore – Let´s Stop the Waste!

An event hosted by RaboDirect

An incredible 18 million metric tons of food are thrown away every year in Germany alone. That is almost exactly 18 million metric tons too much. As a financial services provider with a focus on agriculture and the food industry, Rabobank has long been committed to the respectful and resource-efficient consumption and management of food. Under the banner of “Banking for Food”, we support projects that combat food waste worldwide.

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