26. März 2020 in Berlin

Want to join with us in causing a furore? You’re very welcome!

We’re glad you’re joining us.

The goal of Food Furore: Let´s Stop the Waste! is to gather and present pioneering proposals for better ways of consuming and managing food. We look forward to people with ideas and inspiration, experts, decision-makers and visionaries who are committed to combating food waste.

The participation fee is 149 Euro, for NGO 49 Euro. All earnings will be donate to the Rabobank Foundation, helping people on the way to self-sufficiency. Closing date is 20. March 2020.

Why register? For these good reasons:


  • An overview of insights and viewpoints from scientists and politicians
  • Concrete and innovative solutions for your own sustainability strategy
  • Information exchange and networking with experts and decision-makers


  • A platform for presenting your ideas to decision-makers and customers
  • An attractive coaching package for pitch participants and winners
  • Information exchange, networking and contact to partners who can help you to implement your ideas

NGOs & interest groups

  • A forum for gaining insights into best practices and lessons learned, and to highlight new initiatives
  • Access to relevant stakeholders in the worlds of business, research and politics
  • Information exchange and networking

Political leaders

  • Presentation and discussion of political initiatives and the corresponding political/legislative framework
  • Insights into the real-world activities and imperatives of businesses, NGOs and consumers
  • Information exchange and networking with companies, NGOs, interest groups and start-ups

An event hosted by RaboDirect

An incredible 18 million metric tons of food are thrown away every year in Germany alone. That is almost exactly 18 million metric tons too much. As a financial services provider with a focus on agriculture and the food industry, Rabobank has long been committed to the respectful and resource-efficient consumption and management of food. Under the banner of “Banking for Food”, we support projects that combat food waste worldwide.

Partner of the event